Excerpts of the performance in sequence (best result with hi-fidelity headphones)


                  Part I


                  1.   Opening Prosa: procession to the Babylonian Court. (4:01min)


                  2.  The Writing: as the victorious King Belshazzar drinks from a sacred vessel, the Writing

                       appears on the Wall. The King summons three Wise Men to decipher it, to no avail.  (2:43)


                  3.  The Queen is called upon to attend BelshazzarŐs court. QueenŐs conductus  (4:17)


                  4.  The Queen counsels Belshazzar to summon the prophet Daniel from exile.  (2:07)


                  5 . Fetching_Daniel: conductus as Daniel is brought to King Belshazzar.  (8:10)


                  6.  Daniel Interprets the Writing on the Wall.  (4:08)


                  7.  Gaudeamus: the Babylonians rejoice in DanielŐs wisdom.  (2:17)


                  Part II


                  8.  The Persians depose Belshazzar and crown King Darius.  (3:33)


                  9.  Two Counsellors advise Darius and the Court to call on DanielŐs wisdom. (3:00)


                  10: Conductus to bring Daniel to King DariusŐ court.  (3:47)


                  11. Conspiracy: three Evil Counsellors tempt King Darius to declare himself the God to be worshiped

                       above all others.  Proclaiming this foolish law, Darius turns into an Ass.  (3:18)


                  12. Daniel is caught worshiping his God.  Despite his appeal, he is thrown into the Lions' Den.  (4:38)


                  13. The prophet Habakkuk is intercepted by an Angel and taken to the LionsŐ Den.  (3:59)


                  14.  The Christmas Angel announces the Nativity and the people rejoice.  Finale  (5:22)